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Certainly Tyler and Lebron were in the shower at the same time, and Tyler could not help but stare at Lebron's dick. Tyler gulped for air, and sat down as his legs gave out on him.

Lebron knew Tyler was staring, so he would languidly soap his cock, rubbing the soap bubbles up and down its length, squeezing precum out of the slit. Over the next week, Tyler masturbated furiously at home in the evening, visions of himself holding Lebron's cock dancing in his head.

Lebron was there, leaning in close, his hands resting on Tyler's buttocks! "What have you wanted to do, sissy" asked Lebron in a louder voice? She was usually in the company of either Lebron or Tyrese.

Lebron's lips touched his ear as he whispered, "Such a sweet ass, Roberts! I know you've been wanting to feel my stiff dick again." Lebron softly kissed Tyler's neck, as his hand stole around front to fondle Tyler's pricklet through his corduroys. Tyrese had been dating Peggy early in the school year, until Peggy suddenly moved away.

I could see right off that you were one of those bois who are fascinated by a black man's cock. Ever since the brothers had started dating pretty much every girl in the school, including Peggy and Rebecca, Tyler could not stop imagining what those girls were doing with the huge snakes that the guys were packing in their briefs. Lebron's cock was curved and standing rigidly upright. He cried a bit when he thought about the bullying he had been through in the showers.Each day Tyler would pass Lebron in the hallway (often holding hands with Rebecca, or with his arm around her waist), but Lebron just ignored him. If you are a particularly good boi next time, I may let you do more than just hold it!Each night, Tyler went home and browsed the internet for Big Black Cocks, and when he found new pictures, he kept fantasizing that they were Lebron's cock. There were four basketball practises over the next two weeks, but there were always other players milling around in the showers, so the startling events did not repeat themselves. " Lebron slapped Tyler's ass as he left the locker room.A few swipes of his hand around the glans of his dick and in short moments, Lebron was rock solid hard. Lebron's cock was almost a foot in length - at least ten inches! He was sure that if he tried, he could not get his fingers aroun.... Tyler backed away, until his back was against the wall; but Lebron advanced on him so that he was just inches from Tyler. "I've seen you staring at my dick all year, Roberts! Lebron moved his hips and his cock slid through Tyler's fingers. "Close your fingers a bit tighter and you will be able to jerk me off! His lips found Lebron's precum and he unconsciously licked his hand, tasting the black teen's precum!It's quite a change from all the other white boy dick you've seen in here, isn't it? Lebron showered Tyler's cum off of his thigh and then left, laughing almost silently under his breath, leaving a panting Tyler alone in the shower.

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