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Nobody expected me to speak loudly and frankly to inform the world about what is going on, so right after a short phone call from Yanis to his mother [to say that in] the next days that he was going to depart with her back to Europe, she again could not find him or any information of him in the Police Office of Interpol’s local office, controlled by strong security man Yuriy Savinkov.

Strange enough that right after waves of questions to Uzbek officials about foreign citizen Yanis Galanos, Mutabar Tadjibayeva (by video) together with “Zamondosh” informed the world that Yanis is happy and healthy “laughing” about questions of family and friends about his safety.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly how many of them [were cracked down on], because every day some new ones are [experiencing] problems.

Some young professionals were pressured into being “participants” of illegal acts that they didn’t commit.

Only after pressure from the world press were they allowed to go home, without any explanations, but after signing a letter of cooperation.

Nobody in the world was surprised when after three weeks we were blackmailed by video on electronic device was sent to us from NB where the sick-looking and face of Yanis Galanos [while showing signs of weight loss] was reading like his own “confession story tale” where even the dates, documents and visits of people who traveled abroad from Uzbekistan were not correct.

There are more than 40 foundations and associations.

All of them are united under the Flag of Fund Forum.

In the investigations into your personal accounts, did officials find any wrongdoing?

The rumors around it heated up with false reasons such as tax violations, checking documentation orders, and participation in or visiting terrorist sites.

I was told quietly to “go down and be inactive for half a year,” then I could hope for the best. But it is because of other people around me - I think there is no reason for good, responsible, hardworking people to be attacked.

In an exclusive interview with daily Hürriyet, Gulnara Karimova says the recent family feuds and investigations have been a 'nice excuse' to make her the poster face for 'all the sins' in Uzbekistan.

These are troubled times for jet-set diplomat Gulnara Karimova: Funds have dried up, TV stations have been shut down, and bank accounts have been frozen.

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