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I swear to God, some of the snowflakes were as big as your hand.

Like some first grader had cut out giant size snowflakes in school and hung them on a string.

While growing up rich for a farm girl, being from Smith County North Dakota, a hundred grand a year was considered a lot of clams.

By the time I was twenty one, I had learned to live on only 10% of the actual interest that was earned for that year (typically around 0,000).

So when the weather made an extracurricular event dicey, I would usually drive my kids back and forth in my Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

With its 4 wheel drive, it was normally more reliable on our icy winter roads than a normal car would be.

Alex was a senior and anxious to get back to the University after Christmas break because he had a wrestling tournament in a few days.

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But my birthing coach (my mother) also went into labor while helping me to breath.

That’s a lot of lettuce for any farm girl, so the money was used each year to buy real-estate and farm land.

Anyway my trustee’s said it was a real good investment to just buy a condo near the college because it provided almost no risk of not getting my money back out of it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the well walls promptly collapsed on top of me.

They say it took two days for them to dig me out and by the time I was out of the hospital, I had magically become the benefactor of a trust fund worth millions of dollars.

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