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Thank you for any insight you can offer as I am sure I am not the only one who has thought about this. If I like him in every other way , I can and will overlook this. It can be a deal breaker if he is a heavy smoker being that I get rather sick being exposed to smoke for an extended period of time. Doesn't bother me as long as she doesn't blow it up my ass or in my face, or use my open mouth when I'm sleeping for an ashtray. Being a smoker, I know what smoke does (I quit while pregnant with both of my sons and noticed the difference between light smokers - actually a decent odor and those who smoke heavy in enclosed areas...Since ive been a smoker before ive started dating this has always one of my dating rules too: Never ever date a non smoker. just imagine after sex he tells some anti-smoking bullshit instead of lighting me up! Also, everyone who I have ever dated has been a smoking fetishist as well. Though noted that if YOU have the smoking fetish also, then I do understand why a person like that would not be acceptable. How about someone who doesn't smoke, but doesn't mind if you do? Someone who enjoys watching you smoke, and gets turned on by it? My current boyfriend is an extreme smoking fetishist, which makes for quite a bit of fun in the bedroom. Personally, I have never dated a non-smoker of any kind, as I am just not attracted to them in the least. But if you don't take a breath mint and wash your hands afterwards . .yup--it's stinky.i have TRIED to date a smoker one was hooked big-time on cigarettes, & one on cigars..) bleh!!! It's just odd to receive so many contacts from non smokers .... As far as the smelly clothes, smokers need to smoke outside; all you have to worry about then is your breath and the smell of your hands. I find it rude when gentlemen fail to tell me they smoke after ive vehemently stated my hatred for it ( both parents were smokers and have died from some relation to it) hoping i would overlook it.. the mere smell bothers me and when it gets to the point that i try to overlook it and kiss the person... And despite the fact both my kids father and his live in gf smokes, i'd rather not have smokes around in MY home. the yellow teeth, nasty breath, smelly clothes, etc... This is strange, but, when I am in the vicinity of people who regularly eat fried foods, it makes me kinda ill - their body odor, even when they would be wearing colonge/perfumes - which also, if overdone at all sickens me. It's very "politically incorrect" to be a smoker theses days. i tried to look (&smell) past the yellowed teeth, nasty breath, smelly clothes, cigarette butts all over , and the one used my coffee-cup as an ashtray! probably because it is so upfront in the media with entire cities forcing restaurants to ban smoking totally. There's no sense in making everything you own smell like smoke. While I'm encouraged to hear there are non-smokers who do date those who do, I think this is largely the minority.

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