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New missions will not be in this version, as their creation is not enough time.The next version of the new mission, along with the new features will be exactly. Because of this, in the cutscenes titles behind the sound, and much more is out of order. Development: polman228, aleks926820, daniltk2, Krakvus, firiv, The Crazy Gamer, Chel555, Hairy Meets, Musa. Vfe Zuy Dykl Vs LV jk T; ljdkj }kjk fy;s fu.k Z; ds vuq:i l=~ 2012&13 ds Nk=ksa dh n{krk ijh{k.k ,oa eq[; ijh{kk dh r S;kjh ds vuq Hko ds fy, egkfo|ky; esa Nk=ksa ds Vfe Zuy d{kk Vs LV o izh ijh{kk dk vk;kstu fd;k tk;sxk A bl gsrq 'k Srh; Dykl :e Vs LV% iz Fke drh; dkjk fd;k tk;sxk vk Sj mÙkj iqf Lrdk, Wa f lfgr fo|kf Fk Z;ksa dks yk SVk nh tk;sxh A izh ijh{kk fnukad 18-01-13 okf"k Zd ijh{kk dh Hkkafr 100 vadksa dh izh ijh{kk iz R;sd fo|k Fkh Z ds fy, rhu ?ka Vs dh gksxh A bl Vs LV dk iz'u i= okf"k Zd ijhkjk dh tk;sxh A vuqÙkh.k Z Nk=ksa ds Vs LV muds vf Hk Hkkodksa dks lwfpr fd;s tk;saxs A bu Vfe Zuy Dykl Vs LVksa esa izk Irkadksa dk fo'ofo|ky;h okf"k Zd ijh{kk ls dksb Z laca/k ugha g SA Dr.

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